Detail Program Writing Challenge (Nov 2020)

1 Three things you’re grateful for.
2 What advice would you give your children about being a teenager?
3 How do you define family?
4 What events have brought you and your family closer together?
5 A time you pulled an all-nighter.
6 Do you believe in fate?
7 Something you have questions about.
8 A time you felt rejected.
9 Have you ever broken a bone?
10 What do you do in your free time?
11 Something you’ll never forget.
12 The best meal you’ve ever cooked.
13 What is your favorite room in your home?
14 The best date you’ve ever been on.
15 How do your parents describe you as a child?
16 If you could go back in time, what would you do?
17 Would you describe yourself as spontaneous?
18 Do you have any famous family members?
19 Your favorite sport to watch.
20 Describe the day you moved away from your childhood home.
21 A song that makes you cry.
22 Your first roommate.
23 If you had to live in a different decade, which?
24 What do you know about your mother’s parents?
25 Something you think you could never do.
26 How would you describe a boring evening?
27 Your dad’s favorite saying.
28 A relationship you would like to improve.
29 Some small moments from today that brought you joy.
30 A time you found it difficult to forgive someone.

1. Writing Challenge adalah program yang dirancang untuk:
mengasah kemampuan menulis dalam bahasa Inggris
melatih disiplin belajar bahasa Inggris

2. Dalam program ini peserta akan mengirimkan tulisan dalam bahasa Inggris sesuai topik yang tersedia.
Saya sediakan 2 opsi:
15 latihan (peserta mengirimkan tulisan setiap 2 hari)
30 latihan (peserta mengirimkan tulisan setiap hari)

3. Tanggal mulai program: 1 November 2020
Tanggal akhir program: 30 November 2020

4. Topik tulisan setiap hari seperti yang tertera di bagian atas halaman ini.

5. Panjang tulisan per topik: maksimal 15 kalimat.
Peserta boleh mengumpulkan tulisan dengan panjang kurang dari 15 kalimat.

6. Contoh tulisan untuk masing-masing topik akan disediakan sebagai referensi. Peserta bebas berkreasi menulis sesuai pengalaman / pandangan masing-masing.

7. Setiap hasil tulisan peserta akan diperiksa dalam hal:
– penggunaan grammar
– pemilihan vocabulary
Hasil koreksi akan dikirimkan ke peserta untuk dipelajari kembali.

8. Jadwal Harian:

Pengiriman link topik dan sampel tulisan via Email

18.00 – 12.00 H+1: (18 jam)
Peserta mengerjakan latihan dan mengirimkan tulisan di halaman yang disediakan

12.00 H+1 – 18.00 H+1:
EnglishFest memeriksa hasil tulisan dan mengirimkan hasil koreksi ke peserta.

9. Kuota Jumlah Peserta: 20 peserta
Pendaftaran: 16 Okt 2020 – 30 Okt 2020
Jika sebelum 30 Okt 2020, kuota 20 peserta sudah terpenuhi, pendaftaran akan ditutup.

10. Biaya:
15 latihan – IDR 150.000
30 latihan – IDR 250.000

11. Metode Pembayaran:
– Ovo
– Gopay